Fifty Shades of Gelato

A lot of adventures, a lot of mishaps, a lot of gelato

Santorini, semplicemente bello

There are no words to describe the beautiful island that is Santorini. It is strange that an island that is essentially the remains of an enormous volcanic eruption is this stunning. I … Continue reading

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La Grecia , la terra del sole , sabbia e … la festa

After sleeping through the bus ride to the Italian coast we hopped on an overnight ferry to take us to our next stop: Patras, Greece. While staying on a ferry … Continue reading

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Una Vacanza Romana!

After a few hours of driving from Florence we arrived in Rome early afternoon. Oh how excited I was to be back in one of my favourite cities with all … Continue reading

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La Torre Pendente e belle riflessioni

Soaring temperatures, a burning sun, the middle of the European summer and one of the hottest days of the year. And we were blessed to be in Pisa, possibly the … Continue reading

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Venezia…per l’amore di lavatrici e Spiderman

After our quick stopover in Verona we made our way to the beautiful city of Venice. It was my third time visiting this beautiful city (You can read about my … Continue reading

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Romeo, where art thou Romeo?

ITALIA! After nearly three weeks away from my new homeland, I touched back down in Italy with my three best friends, ready to educate them in all things Italian. (Here’s … Continue reading

January 6, 2014 · 1 Comment

Il nome è Bond, James Bond…Benvenuti a Nice e Monaco!

After the worst sleep in the world, I woke up at 5am in Barcelona for our trip to Nice feeling sick as a dog. I felt congested, and I am … Continue reading

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