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Romeo, where art thou Romeo?


After nearly three weeks away from my new homeland, I touched back down in Italy with my three best friends, ready to educate them in all things Italian.

(Here’s to hoping it goes better than Inglorious Basterds!)

First stop, the city of the most tragic love story of all time. That’s right, the fair city of Verona.

The fair city of Verona (A photo by A Guide in Venice)

The fair city of Verona (A photo by A Guide in Venice)

We walked around the city, taking in the impressive Verona Arena, which was surrounded by Italians dressed in Roman Gladiator costumes trying to pose with tourists.

Verona Arena

Verona Arena

The streets of Verona

The streets of Verona

After fending off the gladiators we made our way to the famous Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), where you can see the balcony that Juliet stood on as she watched Romeo declare his love for her.

The famous balcony

The famous balcony

To be in the courtyard of the house is free, but you need to pay to go into the house and onto the balcony. In an effort to save funds we decided to take the ‘Romeo route’ and just stare at the balcony from afar.

The house also features a graffiti wall, where people write their messages of love, and a wall of locks where people put a lock or a letter on to declare their love.

Graffiti Love Wall

Graffiti Love Wall

Casa di Giulietta courtyard

Casa di Giulietta courtyard

Love wall...or I love gum wall!

Love wall…or I love gum wall!

My favourite part of the courtyard in the huge bronze statue of Juliet that is right in the middle. Legend has it that if you touch the right boob you will find love. There you have it, Juliet’s right boob: helping the world find love everyday!

You do what you must to find love!

You do what you must to find love!

The statue is always surrounded by tourists and you need to push your way through to get your picture! The statue has been in the news recently because it is being disfigured from all the touching, which is quite funny if you think about, and also shows how many tourists must touch it every day.

After having a good rub of Juliet we put our love notes on the wall and left the hordes of crowds to get a well-deserved gelato. My friends asked for their gelato in Italian, I was very proud!

Being a romantic

Being a romantic!

Verona is a beautiful little city, with windy streets, designer stores, the arena and the Casa di Giulietta. I would recommend visiting the city for a day trip, it is quite small and there is not too much to see in regards to tourist attractions. If you are a true romantic the city of star-crossed lovers is definitely for you.

Next stop: Back to beautiful Venice.



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