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Il nome è Bond, James Bond…Benvenuti a Nice e Monaco!

After the worst sleep in the world, I woke up at 5am in Barcelona for our trip to Nice feeling sick as a dog. I felt congested, and I am pretty sure I had a raging fever as well. Somehow I managed to pull myself together, pack my bag, get dressed and get on the bus in time.

I endured the long bus ride, continually waking up to take an assortment of pills, antibiotics and medicines that were offered to me by my fellow Topdeckers. By the time we arrived in Nice I was dying to just get some cold and flu medicine and collapse on my bed. However, we first made a stop at a perfumery just outside of Nice, where we were given a tour of the place and shown how the perfume was made. Had I not been completely congested I may have been able to experience the amazing scents everyone else got to smell. It finished with a store to buy all the perfumes, where I just sat down on a chair and started sleeping whilst everyone shopped. It was too expensive for me anyway!

We then headed to our hotel, where after dumping my bags I immediately stopped by the pharmacy and got some amazing medicine, seriously, the French pharmaceutical companies know what they are doing. At this point I was completely drugged up and thought I felt fine, so I went out to dinner with the group. What I didn’t know was that I was actually a completely slow mess and looked like this:


The dinner was pretty basic, with a Nicoise salad, Beef bourguignon and profiteroles, but still quite nice. We then went for a short walk around Nice before heading back to the hotel for an early night. In my drugged state I ate a large amount of blueberries, before passing out for nearly twelve hours.

The next day I woke up feeling full of energy and ready to embrace the day. It seems that the combination of random medicines the previous day worked their magic! We decided to head out and indulge in some retail therapy, which is always great fun for a fashion addict like me.

Monica and I walked to Old Town, which I thought was very beautiful. With its cramped, colourful buildings, small markets and cobbled brick piazzas, it reminded me of Venice. We had a great time exploring the town, picking up some delicious homemade fruit juices along the way.

After exploring we met up with Sarah and Jess at Blue Beach and went swimming in the French Riviera. The beach was really pebbly and the water was really nice, plus, we also got a good view of people parasailing. Unfortunately we didn’t run into Leonardo DiCaprio!

Blue Beach, Nice

Blue Beach, Nice

After swimming in the beach for a while we went back to our hotel to get ready for a night out in Monaco with our Topdeck group. I was really excited to go to the Casino and dress up in my new dress, which I had bought in Ireland all the way back in March. I had been saving it for this moment for so long!


Ready to get our groove thing on!

Ready to get our groove thing on!

We arrived in Monte Carlo in the afternoon, stopping on the way to get some pictures of the beautiful views.



After arriving in Monte Carlo we walked around the province (It is absolutely tiny!). It is beautiful, with hundreds of boats in the harbour, old sandstone buildings, tall towers, and the famous casinos.

Monte Carlo Harbour

Monte Carlo Harbour





We then went into the famous Monte Carlo Casino, which is so beautiful, with marble floors, high ceilings and chandeliers. Our first agenda was to get a drink at the bar (no dirty martinis!), a cosmopolitan set me back€16, I am pretty sure it is the most expensive drink I have ever bought! Following our ridiculously overpriced cocktail we went into the cheapest gambling room in the casino and played on the pokies for a bit, winning nothing but we still had a good time nonetheless.

After wasting our euros we headed to an Italian restaurant by the casino and explored a little bit more before heading back to Nice for the night. Monaco was so beautiful, and it was nice to get dressed up and feel a little bit rich for the evening.

Next stop, back to my new home country, Italia!



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