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Liebster Blog Award!

Ciao tutti!

I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Lucrezia from Learn Italian with Lucrezia! Thank you so much for the nomination and everyone, you should definitely go and check out her amazing blog. It has definitely helped me in enhancing my understanding of the language of Italian and how to speak it, so thank you.

So the rules for all nominees is to answer 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you, state 11 facts about yourself and nominate 11 blogs you think deserve a nomination.

Lets get started, shall we?

11 Facts about me:

1. I had never been to Italy until I stepped off the plane for my year-long exchange.

2. I have a fear of snakes.

3. I love broccoli.

4. I want to be a print journalist, particularly writing for magazines.

5. I am a natural redhead.

6. I am obsessed with shoes, sequins and feathers.

7. I don’t like coffee or tea.

8. The place I most want to visit is Iceland (Hopefully I will be knocking that off my bucket list this year!).

9. I am in no way a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures, particular on my polaroid camera.

10. I am a huge history buff.

11. I love wearing my glasses and I refuse to wear contact lenses.

11 Questions:

1. What’s your favourite movie? Pans Labyrinth, the most beautifully disturbing movie I have ever seen.

2. What’s your favourite food? It is a toss up between roast potatoes, gnocchi ai quattro formaggi and broccoli.

3. What is the best place you have ever been to? Rome, words can’t even describe how much I love Rome.

4. Why have you decided to start a blog? I decided that it would be a great way for me to keep everyone back home informed of what I was doing on my student exchange year. I also thought it would be a good way for me to keep a memory of everything and I am so passionate about writing about my experiences.

5. Do you have a YouTube channel? No.

6. What languages do you speak? English and Italian.

7. Do you have siblings? Yes, I have a younger brother who I miss insanely right now.

8. Cats or Dogs? Dogs, always.  I actually hate cats!

9. Sweet or Salted? Sweet.

10. Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone.

11. Write your favourite quote: People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

11 Blogs I nominate: (All fantastics about my favourite things: travel and fashion!)

11 Questions I give to my nominees:

1. Where is the best place you have ever travelled to?

2. What is your favourite colour?

3. What is your favourite song and why?

4. Where do do you want to visit most in the world?

5. What experience changed your life?

6. What is your favourite book?

7. What is your favourite season?

8. Who would you change lives with for just one day?

9. What is your favourite book?

10. What language would you love to learn?

11. Truth or Dare?




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